Product Gallery

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This gallery is a collection of the many product photo sessions I’ve produced with minimal resources over the years. My product photo sessions have ranged widely from simple food products to complex robotics engineering. ¬©Indigoverse Productions, All rights reserved

Active Lamp

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This motion graphic was designed for a series of video intros produced for an L.A. based design firm. I was tasked with the draft, design and development of this project. I took on both the motion graphics and sound design … Continued

iOS 7 Weather

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In early 2013, I was invited to join a small group of designers at Apple to assist in the creation of an arsenal of assets for Apple’s iOS 7. It would be the a completely different take on the looks … Continued

Motorola – Droidx

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In 2010, I was part of a small team in Irvine, CA. who worked with Motorola during their Motoblur Campaign. I got the opportunity to work on many motion graphics projects for many of their new products including the Droid … Continued

LEVEL Site – 2011 Mograph

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In 2011, I worked with Level Studios out of San Luis Obispo to generate some explorative motion graphics for their company site at the time. This is a motion graphic that I assembled with nothing but screen shots from their … Continued

Retail Window Holiday Demo 2014

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Working with a talented team at Apple, I was fortunate enough to make a few contributions to the on screen demos that would appear in retail windows at Apple Stores across the globe. This beautiful video produced by the very … Continued

Genius Bar Explorations 2014

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These motion explorations were part of a group effort to generate a new set of animation designs to be used for the Genius Bar in all Apple retail stores. We generated everything from logos to content animation designs. Genius Bar … Continued

Apple T.V. Explorations 2014

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This is a small list of the many explorations that were put forth as quick and simplified examples of existing Movie and T.V. Shows that went in conjunction with aesthetic layout of the Apple T.V. remote control. Apple TV Exploration … Continued

NetApp – “I.T. Survival Guide”

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In 2012, I traveled with a small production team to begin filming a small “It Survival Guide” for NetApp. I was tasked with setting up lighting and splitting a bulk of the camera work, including some beauty shots. Later I … Continued

Portfolio Greenhouse

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In 2011 I traveled to New York for a small production called “Portfolio Greenhouse”. It was a small in house documentary about 6 interns who were challenged to work with Rosetta Inc. and one of their clients. I was tasked … Continued

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