L.A. Nights

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L.A. Nights

This is the animation of the stills that I posted earlier. Took a little while to render in 720p and very short.(I need a new video card badly) Anyhow, this was done with an extruded plane, a spherical collider and an Ambient Occlusion shader… 100frames total.

This is a High Definition video of a rather large project that I took on in the summer of 2008. The entire video is one single motion graphic constructed of nothing but photographs. The true challenge of this project was a matter of time, travel and lots of creative ideas to produce a visually stimulating “pull” into the world of motion graphics.

It took 3 days and 467 miles of travel to get the images I needed for this, however because of the dangers lurking in Los Angeles after hours, I had invited my colleague and good friend “SeptemberSky” to help watch my back as we both trekked through the downtown area with some very tempting equipment. Our experience payed off and we came back with more than enough assets to begin construction on this project.

The next challenge came with the time I had left to strategically cut and assemble every photo into one seamless video. The post production phase lasted 4 weeks and produced a 50 second video composed of 793 photos. In essence, this single project pushed my abilities with motion graphics to new heights.

Produced & Directed by: INDIGOVERSE PRODUCTIONS.

Music by: “Boreta” w/ Glitch Mob.

Photography by: Indigo .H & SeptemberSky.

©Indigoverse Productions/Photography. All Rights Reserved.